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my sadness haunts me at night, he is the monster in my head that hides in the dark and wonders in the shadows, then attacks and destroys me from the inside.

the sadness you get from a broken heart is the worst. feeling your heart break into little pieces everytime you see that person. crying your self to sleep. knowing you were not good enough to keep them around, realizing that he never loved you. he just wanted to use you and then throw you away like you never mattered. the person you love with all your heart, the one you would take a bullet for is standing behind the trigger. not caring if you cry yourself at night, or feel empty and worthless. you feel like it was all a bad dream, that you can not wake up from. seeing that person at school makes my heart break into million pieces. remembering all those broken promises, all those lies and every time he said i love you, that it was a lie. remembering that you were never good enough for him. you were just a step to climb. you never meant nothing to him, if you dissapeared yesturday they would never noticed. your heart is broken, and the person who broke it is walking around enjoying there life acting like you are invisible. acting like they never met you. sometimes they are good days, sometimes you feel depressed. you gave that person all you had, and it was not good enough, you were just entertainment while they found somebody better. having them tell you that they never loved you, they were in love with another person while you thought you were the only one. everyone tells you to move on, and he is not worth it. but no one understands my kind of sadness. nobody..